About St. Matthew


In 1975 a group of ladies formed the St. Anne’s Bible Group. A special prayer was said to obtain a church in Milan. Each lady contributed $1.00 to start the building found. They were: Amanda Bovine, Carol Cantelmo, Ellen Horton, Joy Light and Hilda Poole.

In 1977 Bishop Carroll Dozier granted permission to establish St. Matthew Mission in Milan. Services were held for two years in the old high school band room and for seven years in rooms above the Milan Hardware Store.

The building committee obtained five acres of land, for the future church. On August 2, 1987, Father Joel Wiggs and members of the parish celebrated the first Mass in St. Matthew’s new church. After nine years a dream has come true.

Church Staff

Rev. Fr. Mauricio Abeldano,  Pastor 

Rev. Dr. David Rosenthal 
Rev. Mr. JR Hobbs

Parish Secretary and Bookkeeper:
Nayka Morales

Our office is located at Sacred Heart Catholic Church 2887 E Main St Humboldt, TN 38343

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 3 PM